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The Great List 03.22.2013

Happy Saturday.  I am blogging after a long time.  Here is a recap of all that happened in the last many weeks, while I was out of action away from my blog

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I am going to get back

Its been a long time.. once again.. Yes, but this time big changes happened in my life.  By big I mean really big.  However, life goes on.  I will get back to my The Great list on Saturdays soon..But I had to post this blog.  

My state of mind right now:

A decision that seemed right at one point, may not necessarily remain right through the rest of one's life.. Chew up your ego and own upto it!  

It is what it is...
If you don't try you will never succeed and will never know whether it was right or wrong. 

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The Great List January 26, 2013

Yet another Saturday and yet another great list.  There is nothing great going on in my life or will  go on for sometime, but I am sure I will get through this.  I am in the darkest right now but there will be  a ray of light and new life..Yesterday was my birthday and lets just say I will cut a cake with people I love, soon.  I have been very busy trying to connect the dots and putting together things (being busy will be a theme for a while).

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The Great List January 19, 2013

The week's been crappy.  All I can  say in a nutshell is that life throws curve balls at you every now and then.  I am not in a mind frame to write much, but writing my blog because I made a commitment. So getting straight to the point. I really had to think hard to think of positive things
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The Tiny Buddha

I recently got introduced to Tiny Buddha.  Their tag line is "Simple Wisdom for Complex Lives. "  I don't like to read motivation books/blogs or listen to similarly "life changing" podcasts because they often confuse me.  However, true to its tag line, Tiny Buddha is simple.  Just a couple weeks, and I already have a lot of favorite quotes from from that site.  Some of my favorite quotes and simple wisdom pieces from the site are :

Life moves in cycles. Don’t waste the good times by regretting the past. When you’re down, remember this too shall pass. Develop a philosophical outlook that allows you to glow from within, peacefully watching and appreciating the amazingly diverse events of your life. The source of happiness lies in your heart in this moment, beyond the details and the story as you witness it all…

Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve.

Its hard not to regret the past, but remember what has to happen will happen.  Also remember, a decision that may be right at one point may not necessarily remain right for the rest of the life.  Live life without regret. 

Love isn’t life without conflict. It’s about wanting and working to overcome it together.

If you ever feel the need to read some simple wisdom, make sure to head over to Tiny Buddha.  

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Fun with Kitchen Mittens

I am sure most of us have the problem of kitchen mittens falling here and there. At least I have had this issue a lot in the past.  So I undertook a little Do It Yourself (DIY) project to fix this problem.  I am pretty sure that I got the inspiration and the idea to do this somewhere on the web, but not sure exactly where! May be pinterest! The solution is so simple and works amazing.  All you need is a long ribbon!

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The Great List January 12, 2013

Two weeks already into 2013.  This is my second great list and I am impressed with myself that I am actually continuing with this thing.. Here are some of the highlights of my week- 

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