Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Easy Breakfast #1: Yogurt Parfait with Granola and Fruit!

Right now I am thinking "Why didn't I think if this before?!".. NO seriously .. Why?!?

I love eating breakfast and completely agree that one should never skip breakfast.... Side effects include headache, feeling cranky, and an overall toll on your internal system, which you may see at a later date.. When I was growing up, my mum, no matter what, would always have delicious breakfast ready for us...be it school. college. or office.  Aaalo parantha, gobi parntha, aalo pakorey, chilley, poori, omlette, whatever.. you name it and  you got that.. and She was a working women, recently retired.. Being a punjabi I can still have any parantha any morning or any time of the day, but I dont have time to make them on a weekday morning... I miss my maa.....when she was in the US, she would make me paranthas every morning before I left home at 6.30 AM...   :(((

Since I have a long commute, I also like a no fuss breakfast... something that is not super messy and definitely easy to eat/gulp whatever... my plain simple boring breakfast for most mornings included a bread toast with either jam or butter or something... Boring Boring and Boring!!!!

Here comes solution 1.  I am sure I will discover many more along the way.... Homemade Yogurt Parfait with fruit and granola...  YES YES YES!!!

A layer of your favorite fruit (dates, apple, berries, bananas), yogurt (homemade, greek, or whatever, I used TJ's non fat yogurt), Sprinkle Granola, and then repeat.. You can also replace granola with a layer of cooked old-fashioned oats (going to try it)..... I will continue to update this post with pictures as I discover other combinations...

Did you think of this before???? Let me know if you have simple easy breakfast recipes.....


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Looks deliciously healthy Gurpreet! I have started having somethign similar since yesterday - similar ingredients (incl spinach) but blended into a smoothie ;-)

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