Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Origins of This Blog

I work in an awesome company in San Diego, which is called Gap Intelligence. We are a kick-ass company that works hard and parties super hard.. I am the first Indian full-time hire at the company. I am pretty sure that Gap did not have an "Indian" part-timer, but I am not 100 percent confident making this statement. I have been part of this company for close to two years only, missing six wonderful years so far.

My super nice name is close to a tongue twister for many American's to begin with. It takes some time before they can actually say GURPREET easily, without any effort. Just like I don't know after how many years will I be able to say Vendor and Work perfectly without any effort. I offered that they can call me "G". But my dearest friend Katie Hess gave me a new name. She called me "Goop a loop" - much easier. People thought it was fun and cool and I was OK with it. Then I got many modified names such as Goop, Goopie, Goopster, G-Dawg, and I don't know if I am missing any other. And "Goopie" was given the "Nickname of the year" award by Gap Intelligence.

When I moved to the US, pretty much jobless, I thought of creating my blog on cooking. I would call my mom every now and then and ask for recipes. So I thought, I should make my blog and save my recipes there. I, in fact created one with an ambitious target of posting at least one recipe a day. It would serve many purposes - I can refer to my recipes, help my friends who need recipes, pass time, and may be make money. I was so DAMN wrong about making money...

Now coming to the actual point, which is how my this new 'lil goopies life" blog originated.
One day I was sharing a recipe with Gary's (then) fiance and now wife, who are right now honeymoon-ing in Thailand. I googled her the recipe for Palak Paneer and then somehow ended up showing her my shabby and not so good blog. Gary came to me next day saying how good that dish turned out and that he didn't know I had a site. So he said what's it called - "goopie life'" ? And, I responded saying "No, but I can use that for a new blog that I am thinking of creating..."

So thank you Petersons for giving my blog a new cool name.


sammy said...

pls stop putting Pics of ur food on the blog I am going crazy here hungry like hell watching it I want Food and Beer Straight away Nice Posts Goopie he he

G said...

thank Sam.. You are going to see many more food picture shortly in this week
Stay Tuned!

Teresa said...

Love the new blog!! Will definitely follow it for new Indian food recipes, considering how delicious the Palak Paneer turned out. Excited to see what else you post:) Teresa PETERSON!!

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