Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Great List January 19, 2013

The week's been crappy.  All I can  say in a nutshell is that life throws curve balls at you every now and then.  I am not in a mind frame to write much, but writing my blog because I made a commitment. So getting straight to the point. I really had to think hard to think of positive things

  1. I am lucky to have a great set of family and friends. I would not trade anything in the world for that. 
  2. My CEO once said at a meeting that gap intelligence is like a big umbrella, which provides shelter to its emplyees from the outside rain.  True Indeed!
  3. I added some good karma in my account so hopefully something positive will come my way in the future. My office accountant handed me a check of $609, when the amount due was $109.  I happily gave back the $500, without thinking twice :) 
That's it for me. And don't forget that good things happen all the time.  The only thing is that when you are in the darkest of the dark, you just need to look even harder. 


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