Sunday, March 20, 2011

After a Really Long Time

I am sitting in my patio enjoying the beautiful weather, a light drizzle and winds. Many So. Cal residents don't like to see their always shinning and clear skies covered with beautiful clouds. Even news commentators tell you about a rain forecast using words like "Bad news", "I hate it" etc. But I like and enjoy this...I like change and this is a welcome one.

I think I am running ahead of my weekend schedule, which is always nice. I have checked off most of the items from my list including cooking and laundry. So I guess I can go for my walk to William R Mason park in this nice weather.

As a child, I loved helping mom in the kitchen. My mom and I always tried to make picture perfect vadas/bhalleys. Our pithi waley uncle will deliver the awesome home-made pithi pack every Sunday and I would enjoy my vadas with daddy and Veer (not the palm phone). Uncle would also deliver what I coined as "pipes" - he still teases me to date and whenever I go back I make it a point to say my namastey and buy a pack.

Anyways, I think there was just a couple of instances when we were able to get those perfectly donut-shaped with a hole vadas. Sometimes the pithi would be too soft and when it was too hard we would just end up making it too soft and hence hardly got that donut shaped balls. But, I had a great cooking day today and so wish my mum was here with me.. I was able to make those perfect vadas.. I used Gits vada pack given I don't have access to my pithi delivering uncle.

And now I am sitting in my patio with a cup of tea, a hot vada, and thinking about good ole' memories with a tear. When you are a kid you want to grow up and when grown up you JUST want to go back..

For now, I am going to enjoy my awesome moment feeling blessed with awesome food, good memories, perfect weather, and a great family.


Darshan said...

this is your very sentimental message tears came in my eyes also but what to do tu ithey naa anndi te kidhre hor jaandi kudia ne te jaana hi hunda hai but duniya ka sada yahi karkhanna i also remeber you a lot i have lots of things in my mind and heart which are confidential i cant tell these words to any body, but God bless you ik kahish daddy di ki mein kado tera baccha dekhga ja is tarah hi duniya to chala javaga

Gee Man said...

Hey Sis.. i am feeling so nostalgic..those good ole' memories came afresh like it was yesterday only...its soothing to reminiscecne those cherished moments when our peethi uncle will come, bellowing at the top of his vocal chords...and we will go running to pick our own stuff... and the customary vadas cooked by Mum ater that, which we will finish quicker than she can cook....those moments will never come back but they will never find an escape either from our memories too, as they are etched with the ink of sincerity and loveeee in our memories for as long as we are there ...keep up the good writing...Love always n missing u....

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