Friday, December 14, 2012

Guns or No Guns?!

I hardly talk about serious issues on my blog.  But today's Connecticut area school tragedy shook me deep down inside. This is the third such event in the last 6 months or less.  First heinous act of crime in the recent past was the shooting people inside the Wisconsin Gurudawara, second was shooting in the Portland area mall this past week, and today, shooting inside  a school, where a majority of who died were innocent kids.

My heart goes out to those 20 parents, who lost their kids in this tragedy!  I just can't wrap my head around today's tragedy! I have a nephew and a niece closer to the age of kids that died today! a friend once said, hope they have a nice playground up in the heaven for these beautiful kids!

A lot of debate has been going about gun control and I read a lot of comments from people from all over the world! Most of them saying " you are stupid to talk about gun control, we need treat these sick people etc."
While I agree with the part that we need to treat these mentally sick people, I only ask this, if they think gun control is not needed, then why do we even have control on any other sort of thing? why not have a free world, where you have freely available drugs, bombs, or whatever.. why even have police or courts?!  If  "control" does not solve a  problem then why  do you stop your kid from eating too many candies?

Its as simple as that for me, have gun control and make it uncool to own a gun!

Yes criminals will still find a way, agreed, but these people who undertake these heinous acts were not long time criminals, but mentally sick individuals who had easy access to guns!

Praying for those beautiful kids and their parents......


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