Saturday, March 23, 2013

The Great List 03.22.2013

Happy Saturday.  I am blogging after a long time.  Here is a recap of all that happened in the last many weeks, while I was out of action away from my blog

 Let me start by saying that I feel blessed.
    1. I have the most wonderful parents in this world, the most amazing brother, sis-in law, and my two little cutie pies (a niece and a nephew).
    2. I have wonderful school teachers who are still in touch with me.  Sangeeta Maam and Inder Sir drove down from Redding to see me and Bakshi Maam called from New Zealand and talked to me for an hour.
    3. I love my American Mom Katherine and she loves me too.
    4. I love gap intelligence and guess they love me too ;)
    5. I love my friends and they love me too.  Some honorable mentions include Tina (Shraddha), Shelly, Patty, Diego, Archana, Nidhi, Indu bhabhi, Pushon Da, Dre, Sahni, and Jass.  All I have to do is pick up the phone and they are there.
  1. I connected with an old friend after years,and by years I mean 7 or more.  It has been a very complicated friendship, off and on.  He says I am always there when he needs me, but unfortunately that has not been the case when it comes to him being there for me.  But that's OK! I say NO PROBLEM!  I appear only to disappear.  
  2. My social circle in SD is getting better.  I met many new, lovely, and amazing people.  Such warm hearts! A blog post on them in the future.
  3. I volunteered at my company, gap intelligence's charity golf tournament to benefit kids with cancer (ENF).  A company of  30 something raised over 10,000 in that one day (after accounting for all the associated costs) that would go directly to ENF.  I worked from 8.00 am in the morning until 9.30 pm and  drove a golf cart the entire day, which was fun for a first few hours. However, we are doing it again next year and I am ready to work as many hours as it takes for such a wonderful cause. 

Lastly, I wanted to put out other random thoughts I have had in the last few weeks:

  • If you know that a friend needs you, but you have had an argument or something, just pick the damn phone up and call.
  • If you heard something about a friend, then don't go round and round in circles, just put it out there straight.  3 people who are stellar examples are Shuchir, Pushon da, and  Hrishi.
  • Sometimes, take a pause and ask a friend how he or she is doing?  I have had conversations with multiple friends who are always talking about themselves, every time all the time!  To figure out if you are one of them, may be read a chain of messages/emails that you exchanged and you will know if you asked your friend how he or she was.
Oh and I created myself a list that says " Be nice to these people"   Often times we get so busy in ourselves that we forget who was there for us when we needed support.  So to make sure that I am always there for the people who were there for me, I  created myself a list .  I will let you know how it goes.

Disclaimer: I Added a section of "Be not so nice to these people".  I know sounds mean, but I say whatever.

That's it for me.  I am planning on taking a much needed vacay soon, lets see if I have one in my future or not!

And lastly remember, "The secret of happiness is to count your blessings while others are adding up their troubles." ~William Penn

Its spring here in San Diego!


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