Wednesday, July 23, 2008

:Imported from my old blog: Making Bhindi (ladyfinger)

Get bhindi from market ... One way to check that you have the right bhindi is -- take a bhindi and break the tail a little .. if it breaks easily that means it is just perfect.. if it doesnt that mean its not good....
Wash it and leave it aside for few hours to dry.. You can also wipe off the water using a towel or just let it to dry naturally...
Once dried.. cut bhindi into small pieces - about an inch in size leaving both the edges.. they no good...

Take a tablespoon of oil in a pan... Heat it well... Add the cut bhindi into the same.. Let the gas be on a high flame.. DO NOT COVER the pan.....Let it be on the high flame for about 10 mins... Add onions now.... Let them turn a little soft (Another 5 - 7 mins).. Add Salt and Red chilly powder to taste.. Reduce the flame.. Let it be on the flame for 5 more mins or till you think it looks cooked. Cover it for few mins ( 2 - 3).

You are ready to eat your bhindi!!!!!



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