Friday, September 12, 2008

:Imported from my old blog: Sambar/south Indian Curry

Take Arhar/Toor daal/lentils (quantity as you see right) I recommend a cup of daal/lentils for two people.

Wash it well.

Put it in a cooker and add water - Make sure that daal is fully dipped.. a grandma estimate would be extra water should be an inch above the daal/lentils surface.

Add salt to tase and a spoonful of turmeric powder/haldi

Boil Toor /Arhar daal/lentils. After one whistles, reduce the heat and let the daal/lentils boil for some time. About 5 - 7 mins should be enough.

Slice & cut fresh onion, beans, drumsticks, carrot, potato, tomatoes and any other vegetables you like.
Take oil in a pan - slightly fry all the vegetable execpt tomato. Once pinkish in color, add red chillies (to taste) and Kari leaf. Add sliced tomatoes and toss well.
leave it on for 3- 5 mins.

Add vegetables mix to the boiled lentils, add sambhar masala and tamarind/imli tyo taste. You can use tamarind powder or fresh tamarind soaked in water (in this case, throw the tamarind and add the water)

Let it boil well till you see all the contents have mixed well or GEL WELL....

Sambhar is ready to eat...


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