Saturday, September 13, 2008

:Imported from my old blog: Poha/Beaten Rice/ Chidwada

Hey there...

Today we are talking about dish called poha/beaten rice/chidwada which serves a lot of purposes --- can be a quick snack or a light dinner or a healthy breakfast..

So here is how to make it..

For one person you would need about a mug full of poha....
Soak poha/beaten rice/chidwada in water for about 5 mins. After that wash them nicely in a seive and set them aside for water to dry..

On the other side heat a little oil in a pan. Add few mustard seeds in the oil. Add finely chooped onion, peanuts and toss well. For roughly about 3-5 mins or till it is slight brown-- not golden brown but less than that. Add finely chopped green chillies (optional)..

Now add salt to taste, red chillies to taste and a touch of tumeric powder.
Add the poha now and heat it on flame for about 5 mins. Add corriander leaves and the dish is ready...



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