Sunday, April 8, 2012

Pansy Flowers in my Patio

Spring is here and so are seasonal flowers in my Patio...

This is not my backyard - though wish it was! This was taken at  work, Liberty Station, San Diego on one of my work breaks from my phone
I bought these from the farmer's market because they reminded me of my grandmother.. My Biji... My Biji was a big fan of flowers and always had tons of plants in her house.  She took real good care of them.  Although no one was allowed to pluck any flowers, including my other cousins, I was the special one.  My Biji would never say no to me.  I would pluck flowers, make garlands and do all sorts of random stuff..  All huddled below a water cooler tank with my cousin in Delhi Summer heat.

From My Patio now!

My Biji always used to refer to Pansy flowers are Dog/Puppy- faced flowers.  And these flowers do indeed look like a puppy/dog face.

Angry-Dog faced Flower! ;)

I love you Biji.  I am sure you are at peace and watching over us.


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