Monday, May 23, 2011

For Lunch Today: Fruit Salad with some leaves :)

I love watching the Food Network.  Although I hardly find recipes that I can make as most of them either contain alcohol or some of meat.  But what I like about these shows is learning new ways of dealing with good items or sometimes tumbling upon a good salad dressing, or salad, or just presentation....

I love eating fruits and my family affectionately calls me "Fruity" sometimes. I recently stumbled upon Giada's grapefruit based dressing and an interesting citrus salad.  The salad was pretty simple as it used only grapefruits, oranges, and fennel bulb.  Now  I had no clue about fennel bulb, but looks like I am trying it pretty soon.  Anyways, I decided to give this recipe my own twist.  So here it is -

1 large grapefruit
Oranges - as many as you want
Add any other fruits - I used plums, mangoes,  and strawberries

I learnt this nice way of slicing a grapefruit.  So you chop of the ends first and then using a knife you cut the skin. After that you slice using membranes as guidelines.

So for the salad, slice all the fruits and just half a grapefruit.  Mix all fruit slices together.  I had some salad leaves available at home and I added a few of those to my salad too.  I always like to throw in some walnuts in my salad...

For dressing - Take the rest of the grapefruit and squeeze juice out of it.  Add some fresh basil leaves, olive oil and blend well..

Coat the salad with dressing just before eating. Add Pepper to taste.. Healthy & Tasty Lunch!!!


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