Saturday, June 18, 2011

A Crappy Day Turned Around!

Well I was suppose to be with my co-workers in San Diego building a house.  gap intelligence recently joined hands with the San Diego chapter of Habitat for Humanity.   Since Salman Khan is a brand ambassador for Habitat for Humanity I really really really wanted to go to ......However, I woke up to a dishwasher water leakage, which has my kitchen floors and cabinets completely crapped out!  Hence, Here I am sitting at home in Irvine watching Food Network Star.

I decided to turn this day around and use my Gitts Rasmalai Mix.  Although I think I had the right measurements, the batter did not turn out well and hence the rasmalai discs did not turn out as discs.  Hence, that was the second crappy thing of the day.

However, I decided to make rasmalai, but from scratch.  I used Hetal and Anuja's recipe for two reasons -, actually three and in the following order:
1. They were the first ones to show up
2. I have used their Egg Roti recipe before and it worked
3. This recipe seemed pretty simple.

Right now my rasmalai is cooling in the fridge and I plan to enjoy it later tonight.    My blogging button is turned on for today so I guess you will see many more posts from me.



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