Sunday, December 25, 2011

The Big Island - Day 3

Day 3 – Christmas

Merry Christmas! Felice Navidad! or Mele Khali-Kemeka in Hawaiian!

Today was a beautiful Sunny and a lazy day! We looked at some of the activity options for our Maui trip, which begins tomorrow.  We then headed out to Boiling pots, which is a little beyond Rainbow Falls.  The Wailuku Boiling Pots creates an effect of a steaming Jacuzzi as some water flows beneath a level of old lava and then suddenly bubbles up.

Post this we drove about 40 miles in the other direction to explore the town.  We drove in the beautiful lava state park, which has giant trees alongside the road that hug each other at the top.  I just don’t have the right words to explain.. see pictures.  We then reached the Ahanalui Pool, which is a spring-fed thermal pool.  The drive, the scenery, and the dip was just amazing!  While the water was not in 90s, which it usually is, it was still in the 80s.  The cold ocean water moves in which on contact with magma-hot rocks gets heated creating a natural heated water pool.  Due to lack of appropriate clothing we had to come straight back home. 

Our day ended with another local trip around the hotel area, lunch for me, and ice cream for A.  Now I am just soaking in all the amazing experiences I had in the last three days, before I start packing again.  For now Aloha and Mahalo for reading this!

Will blog again on my Maui trip, which currently promises to be equally amazing! and will post more pictures when back on the mainland.


Gee Man said...

Super like it...the vivid description of Big Island.Coupled with pics, I think we can time travel sitting at home.
Looking forward to getting colorful insights into Maui Island too.
BTW the word which might help you in describing, "giant trees alongside the road that hug each other at the top" may be Avenue.

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