Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kaaley Channey Ke Kabab (Black Gram Kababs)

I am not sure how many of you know, but I turned PESCATERIAN over 5 years ago... Yes fancy word!!! It means that I eat seafood (only fish for me) and no other meat.  I feel great about this decision (except sometimes when I really want to have kababs.. just joking! ).  I want to stick to being a pescaterian as I think its is a much healthier choice, plus I don't really want to eat any more birds and 4 legged creatures (sounds gross to me... eeww...)..

As I have often noted, I love watching the food network show.  And while watching the MasterChef 2, India, I came across Chef Pankaj Bhaduria's recipe for Kaaley Channey Ke Kabab.  I added it to my " To Make" folder and finally got around making it yesterday.

I ofcourse added my twist to it with a few alterations like adding soaked bread as a binding agent since I did not get the consistency right.... Anyway they turned out good. "A" liked it too and if and when he says that he will eat a dish again, it means that my experiment was a success.   A simple google search also suggests that Kaaley Chaney Ke Kabab is a very common recipe so may be I will try the Tarla Dalal or Sanjeev Kapoor version next time.

Thinking who eats the last one?!?!

Check out my new serving platter, $3.99 at Bed Bath and Beyond... I love it!

Also, a special shout out to Pallavi at I dont know why, but I was thinking of you while making these, may be because you are a vegetarian... :)


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