Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A returning thought on the US return policy

People living in the US are spoiled! Spoiled to the Core! And I have been spoiled too...I am talking about return policies of US retailers.  Its just AWESOME! Awesome, Awesome, and Awesome!  You bought a product and are not sure about how it feels/looks/fits 20 days later - no issues, you can return it! Something is not working just after one use  (that rarely happens), the retailers will happily take it back!  Don't have the receipt, sure they will still accommodate you and either exchange the product or give store credit!  Some stores are even better! Like my favorite Trader Joe's -- Bought a pizza on the manager's recommendation and he said if you don't like it (of couse after you have eaten it!) come back and I will return you your money!  Really! Seriously!!

Compare this to India - I don't know what the present situation is, but you could not return anything about 10 years ago.  Times changed slowly and you could at least  exchange something.. but that too after 1.00 PM only, or between 1.00 and 3.00 PM and with a receipt.   If  you are an Indian reading this post you know what "Bonni" meant and how important it was for our retailers!  I hope things change in India or have already changed and that  they have a much better return policy.

I would like to also add that I have seen people misuse the generous return policies.  I have seen people return a half eaten bag of chips because they don't like it or an almost used bottle of Tangerine juice because they think it has gone bad!  Lets not misuse the return policies!!!


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