Saturday, December 29, 2012

Some Like to Run, I Love to Walk

I have many friends who are runners.  The biggest runner of them all is Shuchir Bhatia .  He is such an athlete that I call him crazy!  He has run a (or multiple) marathons, goes for long jogs, and bikes all around town.  Just crazy!!!   Since everyone around me loves to run I thought of giving it a try too.  I even bought good quality Nike running shoes.  After all I am a girl who loves to shop and never have enough shoes!   But nope!   I know running is a great workout, but running is just not meant for me!  Sorry Running Shoes!

My Nike Free Run 3 Shoes!
However, I love love love going on a long walk or hikes.  I venture out on 2 -3 hour long walks.  Everytime I am out on my long walk, I think of Khushwant Singh, who in his auto biography, tells how he loved longggg walks.  Some of my fav places to walk to are Mason Park, it has beautiful pond and ducks, a hike in turtle rock area to watch planes land and see the city.  On a clear day you can see way far out.  I also like walking to the San Joaquin Marsh bird area.  

Here is my modified version of a famous quote Walking takes you to beautiful places where light and shade make magic. 

Here are some shots I captured through my cell phone!
San Joaquin Marsh

San Joaquin Marsh 

At San Joaquin Marsh

Sunset from Turtle Rock
An Evening at Mason Park - light and shade make magic!

Time to go home!
From Turtle Rock 12/28/2012
 A beautiful hike day - Turtle Rock 12/28/2012


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