Sunday, December 30, 2012

Why Do I Write My Blog?

The wonderful world of my blog has exposed me to many other blogs.  I still remember a time, when I understood nothing about blogging :( Absolutely Clueless!  And here I am today, writing my own blog :D.

Different people have different reasons for writing their blog.  I dont know yet why I write my blog!  It started back in the day with "one recipe a day."  When I moved to the US, I had to find a source of income. So an HP colleague and a friend Sameer Agarwal, who was heading the Knowledge Management project in DSAS proposed the idea of blogging!  A good way to keep me busy and may be a way to earn some money!  Let me first give the disclosure, I have never earned a single cent/penny/paise from my blog.  I think Google even blocked/disabled/ something ad related to my blog! DO I CARE? May be and May be not!  May be not because I really don't look at this blog as a way to earn money.  and May be because They frikin need to tell me why they disabled my account.  Let me tell you Google, your blog templates suck and  you  need to get  your  ad sense s^&* together!  So if you are at Google, you probably know what to do or you can ignore this and continuing reading :))

Never happened in my case!

Back to "one recipe a day" So I said to Sameer, sounds wonderful and tried to figure out what my blog what be about?  I absolutely enjoy cooking and wanted to maintain a sort of journal for my/my mom's and all other great recipes!  and so was born one recipe a day!  I totally sucked at my first blog!  Had no clue what it took to be blogger! and then gap happened and my blog got lost somewhere in the darkest spots of cyber space.

And few years later, I happened to mention to Gary about a blog that I have.  And he showed so much enthusiasm that I was back to my blog!  But I did not like the "One recipe a day" anymore! Too much work :)

And was born Gurpreet/Goopie Life - a name given by Petersons!  By now the horizon expanded and my blog included more than I recipes! That was a good sign!   I worked with it for some time  and then realized that my blog sounds so familiar to BetsyLife, another great blog that I read.  I felt sort of stupid for not realizing it earlier.  I don't know if Betsy knew about GoopieLife and how she must have felt! Sorry Betsy, It was totally unintentional.  But I will continue to get awesome cookie recipes from your blog! I changed my blog name to JustLife, but still was not happy!

And then was born G's Journal!  A collection of recipes, everyday events, thoughts, memoirs, and much more!  I love this name so far!  It kind of defines my blog's personality.  I am sure this is permanent, but who knows for Charlie Chaplin said " Nothing is Permanent."  Whatever the case may be you will know for sure.

I still don't know why I write a blog!  But I can say at least this much that I enjoy writing my blog.  I think I blog when I want to save small little memories that might fade away in the rush of life! And one day I will just sit back and reflect on the life that I lived through my blog!


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