Friday, April 15, 2011

Indian Style-Chinese Chilli Paneer/Tofu/Cottage Cheese

This is an old recipe that I pulled from my old blog...

This can be replicated for chilli chicken as well......

All this cooking is done on medium flame....

You need -
  1. 1 Large/2 Medium Capsicum / bell peppers if possible different colors or green only (the most readily available) - nicely cut into medium sized pieces
  2. 250 gms - Paneer/ cottage cheese, cut into medium sized cubes
  3. Soya Sauce - about 1/4cup
  4. Cornflour - 2 - 3 big table spoons
  5. Maida/Refined Flour - 2- 3 table spoons (if you have both maida and cornflour you may use both, in case you don't have cornflour, this recipe is still good)
  6. 1 Egg - if you are a pure Vegetarian then you can avoid the use of egg
  7. 1/2 tbs ginger garlic paste
  8. 3 cloves of garlic - Chopped
  9. 2 green chillies - finely cut
  10. Oil - for deep frying
  11. A small oninon - either cut in cubes or sliced. I prefer slices
  12. Chilly sauce to taste
Spices -
  1. Red chilly powder - to Taste
  2. Salt - to taste
  3. 1/2 tbs - Cummin seeds
  4. 1 tbs - corriander powder

Prepare -
In a bowl add salt, maida/refined flour, cornflour and egg white. Mix it to make a nice consistent paste. you may use water if required but be careful. start with a little first.

To check the consistancy is right or not, take a spoon of it and drop it into the bowl for a little height. If it falls nicely then its perfect.

Now add the Paneer/Cottage cheese cubes/tofu into this mixture

Mix it well but dont be harsh as cubes may break.

Now, take oil in a pan and heat it well. Deep fry the cottage cheese cubes. just make them light golden brown.

Place then on an absorbent paper towel and set them aside.

Take 2 tbs of oil in another pan. Add Cummin seeds to it .
Once they begin to pop, add the chopped garlic
After a minute add the ginger - garlic paste
Add chopped Green chillies - about 2 ...more if your tolerance level is high!
Add the cut/sliced onion
let it fry for about a min or two
Now add corriander powder.. You may add just a little like 2 spoons of water so that everything cooks nicely.
Add red chilli powder.
Add red chilly or hot and sweet sauce

Now add the bell peppers. cook a little till you begin to feel that its loosing its rawness. Now add SOY sauce just to taste.
Ccook a little.

Now add fried paneer/cottage cheese to this and cook tioll you feel that everything has mixed well and that bell peppers are now ready to eat.

Garnish with chopped corriander.


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