Saturday, September 3, 2011

Blogging from my Touchpad

This is my first post from my touchpad...yipeee!..I got my touchpad yesterday after waiting for almost two weeks, but at least I got mine.. My boss Gary and my co worker deron's order didn't even process ... I love my touchpad thus far and feel like HP just pulled the trigger way too early..anyway this is my blog and I am not going to discuss work...

Hopefully now with my tablet and hence much easier access to my blog I will blog more and more...a little update about today.. I kick-started my long weekend with a small get together..I had about seven friends over and it was uddippan's birthday..and then dinner at traditions restaurant with hubby dear.  We also went to udi's house at midnight for cake and it was fun...and don't forget my Saturday routine which is to visit the farmer's market. Apart from veggies, we also got some scented oils and seemed like the lady selling those really needed some all in all its going well so far...

now its time to say to you soon....


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