Saturday, July 21, 2012

Having F.U.N. in the Kitchen

While I love cooking and owning different serveware and utensils, I am not too fancy on electrical gadgets.  I don't own super fancy food processor, kitchen aid mixer, and some other fancy stuff. Forget electronic gadgets, I am not even too big on owning FANCY basic tools.  Stress on Fancy.  For e.g. Cherry pitter and strawberry corer.  While I dont mind if anyone wants to gift these to me, I don't think I feel too good about spending money on such stuff, when I know I would hardly use it.
these are not my hand, not my pineapple, not my plate, and not my picture ;DD
I just own the tool!
However, on a couple rare occasions, I have indulged!  I bought a couple fancy gadgets for I could not resist.  One such gadget was Vacu Vin pineapple slicer. No doubt that this is one of the greatest inventions and I am pretty happy about my purchase.  

One biggest benefit of this gadget is that now I can save my pineapple shells.  Yipee!! You can use pinepple shells for so many thing mainly serving your margaritas or in my case I used it as a fruit bowl at a Saturday BBQ lunch.  Think I am going to use it to serve pineapple rice next.


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